The Hive -Love, Yearning and Second Blowing EP

mastering by : Ten Eight Seven Mastering
art by : LunaLexx

On 11th day of this Year The Hive EP will be available in all stores. Amazing Project continues the Mentla series with powerful EP in all colors of System Music.

Revival — Deep atmospheric start turning into guitar chords bass line, as well as short notes of the piano, which emphasize the sophistication of the track, and then disclosure of guitar-bass line in the second drop, which carries the idea of the track.

Red wine — This is the first-born of the project «The Hive» The name appears very simple, we only were drinking wine during writing this composition.

Love, Yearning & Second Blowing — This is a very soulful individual track, so let everyone is looking for something special in it.

Storm Mind — energetic and rhythmic take your mind for a while listening to it.

Concrodia Discors — This composition is associated with a bunch of girls and a swimming pool.